PassportPortsmouth is offering a mobile payment app for its parking meters.





The PassportParking app is currently being tested at the Bridge Street and Worth parking lots, and will be initiated city-wide in the coming weeks.



With Passport, users can pay for their parking, keep track of remaining time, and even extend their parking session (up to the maximum allotted time) remotely. The app also offers a digital wallet, where users can upload a balance onto their account starting at $10.



To get started, drivers just need to register for the app. Once parked, users will enter their zone number (located on the meter), length of stay, and confirm their payment information. While this won’t show up on the meter itself, parking enforcement officials can view this on their handheld devices.



Besides convenience for city parkers, the new Passport service will provide City officials with detailed data around parking in Portsmouth. Passport’s real-time parking data has helped cities across the country improve operations and increase parking revenue.



The PassportParking app is free to download from the iPhone App Store and Android Google Play.


Users can also manage their parking online at



Download the Passport App.


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